Vaccinating youth (16-18 year olds) – a personal opinion and some “alternative” information.

“Dad” Shmulik Kramer

Let us start with the obvious. We are not anti-vaccines. We are in favour of vaccines and we vaccinate our family with the routine vaccines.

The writer of this article is not a doctor. He is simply a father.

I am a father who has been asked to send his Grade 10 and 11 children to be vaccinated with an experimental vaccine. I am a father who would like to manage the risks. Similar to other medical procedures involving children, especially when it is an irreversible procedure, I would firstly like to understand as much as I can about the procedure.

The usual way to calculate the risk is in the following manner: severity x probability= Risk.

We do this all the time: “Dad, I want a motor bike for my 17th birthday.” Immediately we think: Severity: the possibility of injury is by no means small and may even be high. Probability: rather high.

Conclusion: Forget it (in most cases)

After much pressure, we may possibly agree to an electric bicycle. Again: Severity: Low (most likely light to medium injuries), probability (not small, may incur injuries) and we make a responsible decision after calculating risk.

This morning I heard an interview on Galatz (radio station) with Hezi Levi, the director of the Ministry of Health. He was asked: Can you promise all those parents who will vaccinate their children today that the vaccine is safe and that there will be no long-term side effects? His response was: “I do not know (e.g. because there are still no long-term results from those vaccinated), but if I weigh up the pros and cons in relation to being ill with Corona, I am convinced it is the right thing”.

Let’s clarify something. I am responsible for the health of my children. Not Hezi Levi. If, in a few years , my children develop side effects, we will need to live with the question: But Dad, how could you let us take part in this experiment?

Let’s return to risk management. What are the risks of giving our children this vaccine? (risk = severity x probability)

Severity: Unknown. There are numerous possibilities of long term effects that have not been refuted by any doctor in the world because there simply is no data. You are welcome to check out the websites below – written by doctors whose sole interest is to present balanced information to the public.

Probability: Unknown. There are some doctors, among them senior hematologists and virologists who claim that the probability is high. The dominant voice that is being heard in the media and in the public health clinics is that the probability is low. But note that this opinion is always accompanied by “no facts have been found to support the above”, thus relieving themselves of responsibility as there are also no facts that contradict the health concerns over the vaccine.

So what is our result? Risk = unknown x unknown

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have been hysterically fed scary statistics. I will not fall into that trap of doing the same. It is demagogic and I will only ask you to simply imagine to yourselves what would happen if in the space of a year up to three years we were to discover cancerous tumors developing in a small percentage of those vaccinated, or that those vaccinated will be hit harder by the future strains of the virus (and all of a sudden a vaccinated teenager will be in the at risk group compared to the unvaccinated teenager). What will the consequences be for an entire generation of children?

Our children are our biggest resource. They are the reason we are here. The future generation of the State of Israel is participating in the biggest human experiment in the history of the world, and no one is having a discussion about this? Why? Because people are telling you “don’t worry, everything will be alright, trust me”? Because someone promised you that he is responsible? Because you heard differing opinions and you made a professional and matter of fact decision?

But wait, there is something else unknown. It is fully unclear why teenagers should even be vaccinated in the first place. How does this help? It is unknown if it prevents one from infecting others and we can only hope that it helps reduce symptoms with the current strains of the virus.

What is known?

My personal conclusions:

I do not have sufficient information to make an informed decision.

To the best of my knowledge, we are being confronted with a irreversible medical procedure that does not serve the interests of my children and may even be likely to cause them harm.

We will wait at least a year until data has been collected. If the experiment will still be ongoing (it may be cancelled, it depends on results) and the results will be to our satisfaction, we will once more carry out a risk management analysis and make a decision based on it.

I am taking into account that I myself as well as my children will be indirectly coerced through measures such as the “Green Passport” or through prohibiting me from taking part in social and cultural events. I see this as a violation of my lawful rights and I will petition the court if the government (it has not yet been submitted to the court) tries to pass this into law.

These are your children and you are the ones who must make the decision. But remember – it is not reversible. You will not be able to take it back.

Additional information:

  1. Dr Michal Haran. Senior Hematologist .

  2. Article of Health journalist, Dr Yaffa Shir Raz, lecturer for health communication .

  3. Dr Efrat Shor, Paediatrician, Haaretz Newspaper.

Regarding vaccinating pregnant women, I think it’s crazy and it should stop.

See this interview and explain to me how the first speaker and the second can give the same message?

And for the doctors among us, I hope you find the courage to speak out.

Dr Yoav Yehezkeli who was a part of  the emergency team that wrote up a plan for the emergency situation in Israel, an experienced general practitioner and a brave man of truth, brings the following message:

When did we medical professionals stop asking questions?

When did we stop respecting the fact that we are limited in our knowledge, according to the maxim that first and foremost, we must be guided by the maxim “to not cause harm”?

As this country has decided to vaccinate all its citizens above the age of 16, it would be fitting to ask the following questions:

What is the medical and ethical justification to vaccinate young and healthy teenagers whose experience of Corona is very mild in the overwhelming majority of cases and when we still do not know if the vaccine prevents people from infecting others in addition to reducing symptoms?

Do we know the long-term effects of this new vaccine that uses technology not tested before?

Is the State of Israel preparing itself for reparations that it will be forced to hand out due to court appeals submitted by individuals harmed by vaccinations in light of the fact that Pfizer has exempted itself of all civil responsibility for potential harm caused?

If and when will it be possible in Israel to receive vaccinations with the more familiar technology that was developed by Astra Zenca?

Has all the information and transparency been afforded to the citizens of Israel regarding the risks and benefits of being vaccinated in order for them to be able to make a free and informed decision?

Is it lawful to implement a system of rewards and sanctions with regards a medical procedure (vaccination)?

As Pfizer itself indicated – there is currently no approved vaccine for the coronavirus. The Pfizer vaccine didn’t go through the approval process that drugs requiring approval are subject to.

The vaccine that uses new technology and that had not been used until now was approved by the FDA for emergency use due to the pandemic.

This stamp of approval should be treated with the necessary caution due to the lack of research on long term effects that cannot provide validation for either the benefit or risk of the vaccine. The approval of this vaccine should therefore include a process of weighing up the potential benefits and advantages verses the potential harm of the vaccine.

Due to the type of approval received for this vaccine, doctors should use upmost discretion and individuals should be provided with a process of informed consent when deciding to vaccinate.

The advantages of vaccinating those at risk for falling seriously ill with Coronavirus are clear – these are the elderly and those suffering from chronic illness. In this manner, we will prevent severe illness and mortality which is the objective in dealing with this virus.

Is there a medical and ethical justification for vaccinating individuals under 50 who have no prior conditions and whose risk to fall seriously ill from Corona is extremely low?

With regards the justification for vaccinating not just the elderly in order to prevent the infection of the elderly, we currently do not know if the vaccination prevents one from infecting others in addition to reducing the severity of the symptoms. Research has not examined this or demonstrated this.

 For me personally, as a not so young doctor treating patients, I chose to be vaccinated.

I support vaccinations: I participated in vaccine studies and I warmly recommend my patients to vaccinate for all the routine vaccinations.

As a doctor, I am obligated to ask questions and to act in the best interests of my patients.

Below are the main points from the Pfizer information pamphlet for patients and doctors.

Note/request: If there is false information/misleading information in an article or link, we will be happy to be informed and corrected.


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My personal Risk Assessment before Vaccinating my kids