For decades, dozens of scientific papers have suggested that masks are ineffective at preventing disease transmission[1]. Both the WHO and Dr. Fauci (Spokesman for the Coronavirus task force in the USA) corroborated that claim as recently as March, 2020[2]. In that same month, there was a sudden flip. We were told that masks would now protect us from Covid-19, despite claims to the contrary from the mask manufacturers[3]. By September, 2020, the head of the CDC claimed in testimony before a US Senate subcommittee, that masks were more effective at preventing Covid-19 than vaccines.[4]

Despite the now “conventional wisdom” that masks prevent the spread of viruses, there are in fact numerous studies that show they don’t [5]. Interestingly, research also shows that when surgeons wear masks during surgery, it has no effect on whether the patient develops a subsequent infection[6]. CDC data reveals that those who wear masks get infected with Covid-19 at the same rate as those who don’t [7] Indeed, 85% of those infected with Covid-19 wore masks some or all of the time before their infection[8]. The countless jurisdictions, including Israel, that mandated masks, actually saw an increase of infections during the mandate.[9]

Even if masks were effective, one must also consider the negative effects of continuous mask wearing, such as; decrease in the levels of oxygen intake[10] [11] [12] [13], headaches[14],  reduced immunity[15], increased germ load[16] and skin reactions[17]. Recently, the first and only randomized, controlled study of mass masking during Covid, concluded that wearing a mask had no significant effect on whether they contracted the virus.[18]


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David Heller 9.12.2020 The Emperor's New Clothes