We are an apolitical group of volunteers, made up of doctors and citizens who are extremely concerned about the situation in Israel regarding the coronavirus, and about the manner in which the disease is being presented to the public.

Our medical approach to the virus is based on the Common Sense Model, which was formulated by expert scientists and doctors, and proposes an approach similar to that introduced in a declaration signed by tens of thousands of doctors from around the world.

We believe the public is being presented with a picture that creates fear and panic, and which doesn’t represent the reality of the situation.

It is our opinion that the missing element in the present policy is balance/proportionality.
Risk management at government level should be based on reasonable scenarios and not on gruesome worst-case scenarios that have proven wrong and exaggerated time and again.

The response measures taken to combat the coronavirus – and that may still be implanted – have been destructive, and their damage far outweighs that of the virus.

We are not driven by any public, business or political bodies, and our sole aim is to present the citizens of Israel with a realistic view of the situation.

The content on this site is reviewed prior to publication by doctors and professionals in pertinent fields.

Interested in joining our team of contributors (on topics such as education, economics, welfare and mental health)?

Email us at taci7228@gmail.com